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Something Old, Something New

New things can be old things with a fresh and new perspective. I am thankful I have a host of interests and skill sets that allow me to explore new things regularly. As an author, I get excited about new ideas that will not let me go—characters who are as real as you are reading this blog right now. I actively plan trips to the imaginary places my stories are set in. This creativity allows me to experience something new every day.

So, what’s new but old with Tanela? My readers and fans will be seeing more of me in 2024. Some of my existing short shorties, as well as some unpublished stories, will be made available on Wattpad which is a free digital platform for Indie Authors. I am also committing myself to entering 2 writing contests this year. This is new because I am putting my work up for public review and critique. I know what you are thinking. Tanela, you have already published the thought, right? Why yes, I am and if you want to know more about my published titles, click here. Published full-length novels that have gone through a rigorous editing process and years and prep are different than smaller pieces of work put together over a few months. I am excited to try this new thing out and hopeful that my audience will increase in the process.

What else is new?

Cherrywood Inn

I am excited to announce that I have a new title coming this summer. Cherrywood Inn is a Contemporary Romance with healing, love, and legacy as the heartbeat of the story. This new contemporary romance novel will be published in June. It will be the first book in a feel-good romance series focused on the small fictional town of Cherry, North Carolina. My series will explore interracial love, family secrets, heartbreak, and endurance against racism.

I am looking forward to my book launch party, which will be something old. We must celebrate! I will also be looking forward to exploring traditional publishing and more showcases, which will be something new. I thank all of you who read, support, and enjoy my writing.

Looking forward.

How are you investing in yourself? Are you dedicating time to hone your skills? Are you surrounding yourself with creative environments that inspire you? If so, that’s fantastic! I’m thrilled for you and eager to offer my support. We can all win! If not, there’s no better time than now to begin. Start investing in yourself and I’ll be here to cheer you on.

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