Dreams of the Heart

Jamice Watts is the picture of professionalism. She is the most-requested event planner in the entire Dallas area, and she gives off an aura of confidence and invulnerability. None of her clients know the truth.

Secretly, Jamice is a wreck. Her broken heart has never quite healed. Even when her professional career is threatened by her horrible boss, Jamice can’t find the passion she needs to fight back.

That all changes when Greyson McDaniels approaches her at one of her events. Jamice can’t help but ask if the handsome farmer and horse trainer has a family. When Greyson tells her that he’s single, Jamice is surprised at how much that pleases her.

As she gets to know the shy, gentle farmer, she realizes something. Underneath the soft-spoken exterior is a man full of passion. Greyson spent many years channeling that passion into his farm and business. Now, there’s something else he wants…

This heartwarming romance follows Jamice and Greyson as they struggle with the wounds of the past and the uncertainties of the future. Jamice feels herself falling for Greyson, but she knows that she can’t take another tragic ending. Can she trust Greyson to keep her heart safe?

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