Special Review

The Air He Breathes by Brittainy C. Cherry

The Air He Breathes was a breathless read. My assessment is not just creative word play; it represents exactly how I felt reading through the story. Elizabeth’s transformation and Tristian acceptance of his new reality kept wait and hoping for happiness. Initially the author had me gasping at the emotional imbalance of the characters healing process. I mean really, who would think its logical to cure loneliness from a deceased spouse by pretending another is your past. The recklessly diving into an unhealthily relationship as if it is the first step to the cure of loneliness. But honestly the first steps in recovery for most major traumas are acceptance or admitting to a problem. I think the astonishing part to me in the characters therapy practices was their comfortability with it and the long time spent doing it. The moment Tristian decided that he wanted Elizabeth for her and not because of the memory of his wife was heartbreaking and refreshing. Elizabeth holding her pain in for her daughter Emma was expected but so well written. The best part about each character was their willingness to help others heal despite their own pain. And the FEATHERS, wow! Without ruining the moments in the story, I will just say feathers for Emma made me cry.

Overall this story was amazing. It was well developed with a wonderful plot line and appropriately placed twists and turns. The shining element in this story was the character's evolution. Each character came into their own with the other character’s helping hand. I loved that about this novel. The Air He Breathes is a top 20 read for me. Brittainy C. Cherry story made me want to know more about her and everything she writes. If you want to be emotional challenged and have your heart moved, read The Air He Breathes. It will change you.

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