Twin Souls

The Blue Moon Series has been both my symbol of acceptance and courage. Most of my followers know me as a romance writer. Most of my friends know that I am a fierce lover of goblins, werewolves, and time travel. Writing an urban paranormal story was well outside my comforted zone, but something that I needed to do as both a writer and a reader. I hope you fall in love with the characters just as you did with my first. And I hope the imaginative story allows you to think outside the box when it comes to love, life, and purpose.

It is my pleasure to present to your reading pallet.

Twin Souls

A Blue Moon Novel

Alicia Caldwell is a busy professional for a business development firm in Denver. She is established, settled, and totally unfulfilled. As an endless daydreamer, Alicia is looking for that spark of life that will change everything. Comfortable with her circle of family and friends, Alicia is unprepared for what the universe sends her way. Raymond Glass, a business consultant from Boston is comfortable living the bachelor life until Alicia Caldwell falls into his lap one night at the Barnes and Noble. Her charms are more than just physical and their connection seems to be predestined. He swiftly learns that she is more than just a little unique and that she was made just for him. While captivated by her, Raymond begins to sense the danger they both face and now he is willing to do anything to protect and keep her in his life forever. As Raymond gets to know Alicia, they discover that they have more in common than the normal couple. Secrets from her past threaten the blossoming relationship. New abilities and theories of how they both came to be challenge everything they know about who they are. This enchanting fast pace romance follows Alicia and Raymond as they fall hard and fast in this mysterious story of chance, secrets, and mystical love. Will they be able to keep the course or will those who intend to kill their light win the battle?

Book 1 in the Blue Moon Series