Cherrywood Inn: A Legacy

Cherrywood Inn: A Legacy

By Tanela Hicks

It’s been two years since Natera Caldwell’s grandma passed away. Since then, the Caldwell family has been torn apart, and Cherrywood Inn, Grandma Mae’s bed and breakfast in the small town of Cherry, North Carolina, has fallen into disrepair.

Natera shoulders the responsibility to restore Cherrywood Inn to its former glory. She hires a team of helpers, including Caleb Matthews, a sexy handyman, to help with the renovations. Their attraction is immediate, and palpable.

But she faces many obstacles. Racist townspeople frown upon her biracial relationship with Caleb. Her neighbor’s squabbling over property lines threatens to stop progress on the renovations altogether. At every turn, Natera’s uncle Randall tries to convince her to abandon her plans to restore the old inn. And when secrets reveal themselves, Natera is thrown into a tailspin.

As her life erupts in flames, Natera must pull herself together in the face of adversity. Her journey won’t be easy, but Natera is a strong-willed woman. What’s the price of forging a new legacy? Can she finish the renovations in time, save her relationship, and pull the Caldwell family back together?