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Writing Something Special

Who says you can’t make your life into a Hallmark Movie? Show me a great view with water, a swing, and a cup of coffee; and I will show you a writer getting ready to change the direction of your heart. I have had the blessed opportunity to create my own writing retreat right here in the Midwest. I will get to the particulars of my experience in just a few but first I want to tell you what writing means to me.

Creating fun and loving stories sets my heart and mood up to accept the hard challenges of life. Lately, I have been dealing with some harsh truths at my place of employment. Some things that made me reevaluate my perception of value, worth, and impact. I have been faced with some unexpected (but expected) health challenges that have reminded me how precious life truly is. Without my imagination, I know I would not be able to handle all these things. My imagination has opened my heart further and allowed the creative dreamy words to flow even better than normal. Regardless of who reads them, I am thankful to God that he gave them to me. I am thankful to God for my spirit of resilience and the joy He has placed within me. Nothing can take that away. I believe I am double blessed because I have so much that I am forced to let it spill out and touch the world, through the written word. My hope is that my words, my stories of love and strength touch someone and help them feel the same way. Even if it is brief, I would be grateful for the momentary change in the hearts of others.

Now, let me tell you about Rivers Inn Bed and Breakfast. I looked long and hard for a place of solitude but comfortable accommodations. I needed to be far enough away from home that I could feel true escapism, but close enough to get back home in one afternoon. I have always been a great distance driver, so the opportunities were plentiful from my home location in Ohio.

Tanela no filter needed
European Tree and Swing
Tanela writing in Gazebo
Tanela First Day at Riversinn

Settling on Kentucky or Indiana, after intense online searching, sleuthing, and calling around, I found Rivers Inn Bed and Breakfast. It is in Warsaw, Kentucky. It is a large home with beautiful bedrooms, welcoming staff and regularly made coffee. The town almost starts and ends before your odometer changes. This town has the perfect balance of scenery and no activities, which is perfect for the indie writer who still loves to chat, do fun activities, and interact with strangers while traveling.

The highlight of the Bed and Breakfast is the outdoor space. Currently, as I am writing this long overdue blog piece, I am looking at the Ohio River calmly flowing against the rocks. The two swings at the edge of the cliff are placed by a beautiful tree that looks like it belongs in my novel. My readers will definitely hear about that tree later! The gazebo and the rocking chairs make it idealistic for a romantic dinner or private meditation. I am so glad to have this opportunity to write in peace and beauty.

Now, I know you are saying; that it can’t all be like a Hallmark movie. Perfect and inspiring all at once. And I say, YEP, you are right. Life is not perfect, people! Currently, there is a small construction crew paving a new walkway directly next to me in MY gazebo. And yes, the house is big and historic-like, which means I keep getting lost. And the rooms are so large with their 12-foot ceilings that I slept with all the lights on last night. And of course, I miss my wonderful supportive husband and my kids. But I would not trade this time. It is exactly what I needed and the perfect inspiration for my novel which centers on a young woman restoring her grandma’s inn.

I am wrapping up the final draft of my next book. Cherrywood Inn – The Legacy will be released in June of 2024. This book means more to me than most will ever know. For those in my circle, my tribe of family, friends, and writers, know that this book is for all those healing. It is for those who push through grief and find themselves on the other end strong, standing, and thriving. We got this.

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