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Writing Room Inspirations

Writing Room Inspirations

So, working on my second novel post-school has really made me take notice of my writing spaces. I have an awesome desk purchased some years back. It is cherry wood with a leather map of the world imprinted on it. I love my desk and anybody that knows me well would even say I am a little particular about it. Okay, I will be honest, if you are not Tanela Hicks I prefer you not touch it. The general rule of thumb is only writing specific or book related things touch the surface. A long time ago I read somewhere that owning and designated a writing space was an important routine when building your craft. The article kinda of stuck with me and thus far the technique has work, but as I move into the next phase of my writing career I am dreaming of more.

Now technically I do not have the space for what I dream of, but that has not stopped me from sketching and imagining.

Ideally, I would love an open office space that functions as a mini library and creative space. Obviously, books move and inspire me and the more I read the more I want to write. This library/office is beautiful.

However, I also love scenery. Water views or rustic scenes draw my focus when I can’t not solve an existing plot line. While bustling cityscapes help me develop characters and background detail. These views below are perfect creative thinking spaces as well.

Style, decor, and furniture all make up a big piece of my multi faceted dream. I honestly believe I would need two spaces just to accommodate my two different writing personalities. When I am creating the bones of my story or a character. I sketch and scribble a lot while typing out what I want to say. I tend to listen to loud neo soul or jazz and I need complete concentration. Aside from music, or the movies Twilight, Shawshank Redemption, or Lake House playing on the television; there can be no other activity around me. Since I have a family and small home generally I have headphones on and drinking coffee or tea while eating dry cereal (trade secrets).

When I am editing, rewriting, reviewing, or fixing something in my work; my writing personalities is different. I can, while at a minimum, carry on another conversation with someone (other than talking to myself). HGTV or similarly formatted television can be on but not loud. I do not have to be at my writing desk (bed, couch, elsewhere) and best of all I CAN DRINK. A glass of wine always makes my mistakes more noticeable.

So, my dream writing space would be doubled. I would love to have an open-air space featuring some variation of all the styles mentioned. 

But then I would love to have a private space with installation, views, and no distractions. I believe it would love something like this!


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