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Inspiration On Track

Inspiration On Track

Now that I have my Cherrywood Inn Series up going and plotted through the next 4 books, I have recently had a resurgence of inspiration to get back to more leisurely reading. I have of course stayed up on new titles coming out. And I also enjoy my time with my B.E.W. book club ladies. But I have been a little lazy with my casual reading, if that can be a thing.

Thanks to a friend, I realized how out of date my Goodreads account has been. It has been close to a year since I have done a proper book review, even in short form. So I am proud to engage you with the

Tanela’s Rapid Read Review

I will rapidly review all the books I have read, even partially over the last 9 months.

Sula by Toni Morrison- Interesting literary read was written in more poetic storytelling than true novel style. I did move through lots of the same emotions I do when reading more contemporary novels. I was often angered with Eva, Sula’s mother, but I understood that hurt people hurt people. I was devasted by the boy in the pond. And prayed that Nel would get a backbone. Overall the story did well and drove emotion, it was just hard to follow the poetic rhythming and long detailed lifelines of all the characters. I would not choose to read something like this again, but I was inspired by the effort and thought that went into the story.

The Exchange by John Grisham- Before I became a romance groupie and follower of fantasy, I was heavily into legal thrillers. This likely stems from my early desire to become a JAG Lawyer. I picked up this John Grisham novel because he always delivers. As much as I loved the direction of the story, the setting of Turkey and other international locations mixed with Mitch’s very square U.S. characteristics wasn’t working for me. I did make it pretty far and will likely finish it at some point this summer, but for now it is on the DNF shelf.

Echo of Old Books by Barbara Davis- Mystery mixed with low-hanging fantasy elements like empaths and psychic abilities, in a bookstore setting…WINNER! This story was so engaging and the intrigue about how the main character, Ashlyn, got her powers is still haunting me. I made it about halfway through to when who I think is the bad guy enters the story and tries to pretend like he doesn’t think the story of times past is important. But I think he knows it will reveal a horrible family secret he wants to keep buried. The only reason this book is not on the completed list is because I had to dedicate hard time to my first rewrite. This book just came to me at the wrong time in life. Even without finishing it, I am going to highly recommend this read to any fantasy story lovers.

A Cowboy to Remember by Rebekah Weatherspoon- This was another B.E.W Book Club read and the author did not disappoint. Amnesia storylines have never really been my jam, but it was well done and I loved the little bit of mystery involved in this story. The only thing I wished for was more hot action.

A Thorn in the Saddle by Rebekah Weatherspoon- I picked up this book hot off of reading A Cowboy to Remember by the same author. I really wanted to know if the oldest brother Jesse Pleasant would finally get some! I have not finished this story just yet. It is not slow, but it is slower to the relationship build up than in book 1 of this series. Very much like the MC character, I am left waiting a bit too long for love, so it is DNF for the moment.

8 Seconds to Love by Monica Walters- Just Nasty! And I loved it. It was sexy and short to read, but not short on action. I have added this author to my favorites list.

Echoes of You by Catherine Cowles- Truth moment. I found this book when I was trying to search in my audible account for the previously mentioned Echoes of Old Books. This came up, I saw the cover, which is giving Kristy Proby style love and passion vibes. I decided to just delve into a quick listen instead of trying to reengage in a story I knew I would have to pay lots of attention to. This too was a fast listening. The story was big on hero complex, decent in character development, and well played with balancing danger with love. I decided I liked the author’s style and added her to my favorites. I also downloaded the other titles, since this one is #2 in the Lost & Found series.

Friend in the Dark by Samantha M. Bailey- This came as a recommendation and is so far sitting squaring in the “whodunit” lane. The main character is a little whiny for me, but I think if I was in a post-divorce stage I would be too. I like how as the reader I can see the danger of this online stranger coming a mile away, but the MC seems to be blind. As a writer, I am hoping there is a big twist like, really the wholesome ex-husband did all the bad things. Sorry if I am ruining a moment for you, but if you are past 38% in the book, you should see that possible twist coming. Right now it is my most recent DNF, and when I am in the mood I will pick it back up and see if Eden gets a brain.

Currently Actively Reading Today

  Billionaire Bosshole by Laure Lee- I do not remember how I got here, but I am okay with it. As is protocol with workplace love stories it has escalated quickly. In chapter 3 we are already at the “stop resisting” phase of the story. I am also reading this one on Audible and I expect to laugh and swoon for the entire short 4 hour book today. Workplace Enemies to Lovers is one of my favorite tropes. I plan to finish this book today for sure.

Welp that should cover it on reviews. As a writer, it is hard to keep up on reading, but I find it critical to creativity. I love mixing and matching genres, even in the same day. The pattern of NO PATTERN matches my personality well.

More updates to my Goodreads account coming soon and look forward to a change on my website to highlight more of what I am into these days. ENJOY!

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