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So, it turns out working, changing careers, going to graduate school, and writing the next installment of my series was harder than anticipated. While, I have successful transition my career to public services, and I have made it through a very intense summer term (4 classes); I have not reached all my writing goals. While completing book two of the Blue Moon Series by the end of 2019 is not feasible, I am still committed to publication before my May graduation.

But that is okay…

I am thankfully for my writing craft, skill, and talent. I have tried very hard to honor it by exercising it every day. The art of bringing unique imaginative stories to paper is not as easy as some may think. Sometimes even when you want to let all responsibility and duty fly to the sidelines; sit down and share that amazing setting, or tighten up that climax; the stars do not align.

But that is okay…

Alicia and Raymond’s story has so much to reveal. I can not wait to show my fans and the world what strength of love despite what we know of destiny; can do.  In book two, they will find out more about why people what to pull them apart. They will learn how to defend themselves and the ones they love from an unexpected enemy. They will learn to thrive.

And that most certainly will be okay…😊

More to come soon. Until then keep writing, keep creating, keep your imagination alive.


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