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Your Environment Your Mind

Your Environment Your Mind

By Tanela Hicks

Sometimes putting your mind where it needs to be is just the thing that can put YOU where you need to be.

As the Midwest moves through a cool and rainy summer, I am reminded of the fresh beauty I saw while vacationing a couple years ago in Boston. Now I should preface everything that follows by admitting that I have an unfounded love for this city. I have no ties to the city and have never lived on the east coast, but for reasons unknown I have always loved Boston. It was April the weather was perfect for walking, thinking, and writing. The views from my hotel were not great but the moment you stepped into the heart of the city everything around me changed my perspective. Before my visit I was in a dead stop on my projects and my overall was at a low. The change of scenery had a strong effect on me as wife, mother, and writer.

Your environment can change your view and your view starts in your mind.

The weeping willow trees in the Boston Public Garden were transparent yet extremely bright and alive. A lighter green than expected and only semi bloomed, these trees did more for me than any advice column or spa day could have ever done. The swayed and swung as if they had direction but knew there job was to stand still. I would like to think they did it for me, but I know that it was really God’s design and plan. In life sometimes standing still is exactly what God wants us to do. He wants use to allow him to move and groom us for his will and purpose. The pond that quietly moved below the trees provided moisture in the air and calm to the sound of the wind. Despite the quiet scene, I remember that day it was quite busy. There were children playing in the park. Groups of tourist were rapidly walking through the park, missing the nature beauty. But then there was a couple sitting privately hug together in a sweet embrace that rejuvenated my romance and gave me the inspiration to hold my own husband’s hand (after I took the picture of course).

Don’t Lose the View

Taking the time to sit and see things through a different lens ultimately changed my life. In that moment I sat there a promised never to lose that soft heart and soul that God gave me. I promised to once again start using the gifts God gave me to help, move, and inspire others, just as that couple done for me.

We spent a total of 6 days in the city. The memory of the trip still stands strong with me, and now 2 years later I still go to this place when I feel the need to surround myself with beauty and inspiration. Especially when writing. I no longer have to physically be there, its impact was so strong that it has made a permanent mark in my mind. This place gives me happiness; it gives me peace, and reminds me of my promise and Gods vision.

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