My first writing project is Dreams of the Heart. It is a women’s fiction/romance novel that I have spent the last 5 years writing, rewriting, and laboring over. It is ready now and available for publishing. Currently I am unrepresented, but that will not be longer for soon. I have begun a writing journey that will hopefully allow me to fulfill my own personal dreams of becoming a published author. For those of you who are here for a uplifting and enjoyment, please read more about my novel Dreams of the Heart.

Jamice Watt’s heart is stuck in a past filled with lost, pain and regret. She is the most requested event coordinator in Dallas, Texas and brings to life happy visions for her clients everyday. She has rebounded on the surface; but underneath her professional no nonsense veil, she is shattered. In Jamice’s personal life the road to recovery is blocked by the pain of her loss. In her professional life she is being overrun by a boss who mistreats her and under values her worth. She knows if she doesn’t start making changes now then the life she once knew could be lost forever. Determined to make some of her own visions come true she begins to look for a turning point and move forward with her life.

Greyson is everything unexpected. He is a professional horse trainer and farmer who is a little shy, but he is taken by Jamice’s beauty and skill. He normally puts all his passion for life into his farm, but now is considering taking a chance on love. He soon finds that taking the chance is the easiest part. Turning her heart full of grief to one full of love will prove to be his hardest challenge.

Dreams of the Heart is a story that has played out in my mind over and over.  It is inspiring and a truthfully look at love in the wake of tragedy. I wrote and watched Jamice grow, change, and refresh her life and at the end I felt joyful that she finally arrived. Jamice’s story needs to be told so someone else can experience the evolution just as I did. It is a soul wrenching romance that will touch your heart and remind you that love does conquer all.

Dreams of the Heart Novel Excerpt