Surrounded by Great Friends and Great Books

Great Friends

Writing is a skill that many have but few enjoy. When I discovered that my friend Diondra had a love for writing, I immediately became a supporter. Learning about someone through written words can give you great appreciation for the person they are.

An avid reader, Diondra is a devoted Christian, teacher, awesome singers, and a writer. Her new website shares some of the most amazing experiences and heartfelt emotions. I encourage you to take a look around. Check out diondrasplace. Here is the link to my favorite post thus far


Great Books 


So I have been reading a lot lately. After my first semester at Kent State, I had to purge some of the technical habits that were blocking my creativity. I went on a high level binge of paranormal fantasy books. I update my reviews on often, so to access my full list of reviewed book please visit Fun Stuff tab.

However today I must call out a series that has surprised me and wrapped me in paranormal fiction delight. After looking for a gargoyle story for more than 4 months, I had given up. It seemed that the creativity on paranormal creatures were limited to Vampires, Werewolves, Faeries, Casters, and of course Angels. Most that know me well understand I love a good vampire romance (thanks Twilight) and stories of Faerie Warriors disarm me every time (thanks Sarah Maas). Despite my continued love affair with the “out of this world” element, I yearned for a gargoyle story. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the early 80’s and have fond memories of short lived tv series “Gargoyles”.

Well I found what I was looking for in the Revelations series by Randi Coley Wilson. The series follows Eve Collins who has just become aware she is something special and has an important part to play in a war she did not even know existed. Her protector Asher St. Michael holds all he secrets and is tied to Eve and her destiny in more ways than one. Now she has a gargoyle clan of her own and must train and fight to be everything everyone else expects her to be. The story has love, hate, fights, faeries, and magic all in one and I am tickled that I came across it when I did. The world the author has built is somehow magical although it clearly has an urban real-world setting. The character’s descriptions and abilities stretch the imagination even for the fantasy genre, but they are very real in their emotions. The plot of each installment twists and turn just enough to hook you in and make you root for the good guy AND the bad guy. Eve and Asher’s intense bond throughout this saga is engaging and keeps you thinking of romantic and forbidden love.

Currently I am on book 3 of 5 on the series. And while I do tend to read series that follow the same characters, I rarely find myself reading them back to back within 1 weeks’ time (except Sarah Maas books). I read the first book Revelations in about 1 week, and immediately read book two finishing it in under two days. Now I am on book three and I had slow myself down to do some of my own writing. To read my full review of each book, but visit my Fun Stuff tab and click in the image of the book. 

At the End of the Line There is Creativity

At the End of the Line There is Creativity

Writing is a passionate tool I use to share stories and feelings with the hope that it will help someone, even if it is only myself. When I began this journey, it was just a release of my dreams and nightmares. Writing this novel was a method of decompression. Somewhere along the line it became a fulfilling piece of me.

In the end, I am glad I made the choice to completed the story and share this small piece of my creativity. I am very pleased with the final product and I hope you will be too.

I am thrilled to announce that Dreams of the Heart is officially set for publication October 10th, 2017.

My single hope is that this story will inspire someone; move them to heal and love again. We were all created in love so we all deserve a little.

Please click here learn more about my debut novel, Dreams of the Heart.

Your Environment Your Mind

Your Environment Your Mind

By Tanela Hicks

Sometimes putting your mind where it needs to be is just the thing that can put YOU where you need to be.

As the Midwest moves through a cool and rainy summer, I am reminded of the fresh beauty I saw while vacationing a couple years ago in Boston. Now I should preface everything that follows by admitting that I have an unfounded love for this city. I have no ties to the city and have never lived on the east coast, but for reasons unknown I have always loved Boston. It was April the weather was perfect for walking, thinking, and writing. The views from my hotel were not great but the moment you stepped into the heart of the city everything around me changed my perspective. Before my visit I was in a dead stop on my projects and my overall was at a low. The change of scenery had a strong effect on me as wife, mother, and writer.

Your environment can change your view and your view starts in your mind.

The weeping willow trees in the Boston Public Garden were transparent yet extremely bright and alive. A lighter green than expected and only semi bloomed, these trees did more for me than any advice column or spa day could have ever done. The swayed and swung as if they had direction but knew there job was to stand still. I would like to think they did it for me, but I know that it was really God’s design and plan. In life sometimes standing still is exactly what God wants us to do. He wants use to allow him to move and groom us for his will and purpose. The pond that quietly moved below the trees provided moisture in the air and calm to the sound of the wind. Despite the quiet scene, I remember that day it was quite busy. There were children playing in the park. Groups of tourist were rapidly walking through the park, missing the nature beauty. But then there was a couple sitting privately hug together in a sweet embrace that rejuvenated my romance and gave me the inspiration to hold my own husband’s hand (after I took the picture of course).

Don’t Lose the View

Taking the time to sit and see things through a different lens ultimately changed my life. In that moment I sat there a promised never to lose that soft heart and soul that God gave me. I promised to once again start using the gifts God gave me to help, move, and inspire others, just as that couple done for me.

We spent a total of 6 days in the city. The memory of the trip still stands strong with me, and now 2 years later I still go to this place when I feel the need to surround myself with beauty and inspiration. Especially when writing. I no longer have to physically be there, its impact was so strong that it has made a permanent mark in my mind. This place gives me happiness; it gives me peace, and reminds me of my promise and Gods vision.

Great Music New Natural

Great Music New Natural

"We Are KING"



“We Are KING” by KING is easy eclectic listening. The album opens smooth and defined with Right One. You have a good understanding as to want type of music you are about to listening to; which in my book is a huge plus. Throughout the album you hear a lot of airy soft sounds which makes it a through and through album. The song order and transitions are seamless. I review enjoyed all the instrumental work. It is full on technique yet somehow not cluttered. I was so engulfed listening to the music that I had to go back through and focus on the lyrics. While there is nothing revolutionary lyrically the words in most the songs are very dreamy and vivid. Red Eye and Love Song are forward and pull you into a vision that a full of color and beauty. My only wish in this debut is I wanted to hear more of the group’s vocals. Maybe an a capella song or two would have been nice. These ladies are going to go far if the keep their niche and sound intact, but expand their vocals and of course exposure. Great job Ladies!

"Awaken, My Love!"

~ Childish Gambino

So, the winner of the year for odd and efficient goes to Childish Gambino AKA Donald Glover and his album “Awaken, My Love!”. Childish Gambino’s sound is intentionally alternative, almost not natural, but somehow still shines. The obvious Prince influence is all over this album which makes it intriguing. If you are looking for a standard hip hop rap album, this is not the album for you. If you are looking for deep lyrics mixed with trippy 70’s rock, then Awaken, My Love! is perfect. A mix between Lenny Kravitz and Andrae 3000, Childish Gambino’s lyrics are very socially conscious with songs like Riot, and Boogieman hitting all the relevant social tones of 2016. I could listen to it through and through, even opting to do it again, but mainly because I wasn’t sure what I heard. Stand Tall and Redbone were positive hits for me. The album seems to be weird for weird sake. I would have loved to hear some more jazz like instrumentals from him. Like his other albums, this was not produced for the masses, but for those who like creativity and accept the unexplainable. Good job Donald!

Non-Fiction Niche’

Non-Fiction Niche’

                   Anyone that knows me knows how much I love to read. I enjoy a wonderfully made story. The creative demonstration from an artist, writer, or musician is always something exciting and beautiful to see. Maybe it’s because I a writer and I enjoy the seeing the creative process unfold, or maybe creativity just inspires me. Either way I cannot get enough. Currently I am reading several books. The Barrier Between- Collector Series Book Two by Stacey Marie Brown, Always Watching- Elite Guardians by Lynette Eason, and Aerie by Maria Dahvana Headley are on the top of my currently reading pile.

                   I am a die-hard Sci-Fi, paranormal fan. Imaginative stories with faraway lands and magical creatures take me away from the sterile corporate world I currently work in. If you add in some time travel it is like Christmas for a book lover girl like me. Because of this automatic pull I have created a strong motivation to stay diverse. I purposefully and regularly read “normal & mundane” stories. Most recently I read 2 of 3 books in the Hidden Identity series; which is a Christian fiction mystery series by the fast story teller Lynette Eason. I thoroughly enjoyed it and you can read my reviews for each book on my Review page.

So, that wasn’t too hard, right? Read a book with no werewolves or magic…. check. Now read some Non-Fiction Tanela.

                   I LOATH NON-FICTION! Again, my persistent thoughts on the cultural benefits of staying diverse with my entertainment choices force me to read at least one Nonfiction book a year. Thanks to my good friend, I had the chance to read a good one this year called Bringing Up Boys by Dr. James Dobson. The author has revealing and relatable concepts on raising Christian boys. I enjoyed it enough to chat with other mothers about it, but still not enough to write my standard review. See Non-Fiction is not evil, right, you just should easy into it. I still have a few others on my Non-Fiction list for the year, which includes Shonda’s Rhimes Year of Yes, but since I technically have made my quota for the year, I’m all set right?

                  Here comes the entire reason for writing this post. The accidental click on Anna Kendrick’s Scrappy Little Nobody changed tone on non-fiction. While I was clicking out of a different book on Amazon, I accidently selected Kendrick’s new memoir. Let me preference the rest of this mini fandom by acknowledging I am a little bit of a default fan. I have loosely followed Kendrick ever since the Twilight movie days because I thought she did an amazing job in those films. I have since, seen just about all her work and recently moved her to the actresses to watch category in my moviegoer pop culture mind. Okay, back to the book. So, I listened to the preview on Audible of Scrappy Little Nobody, narrated by the author Anna Kendrick (great idea) and I immediately felt her story as something I wanted to hear. She was so honest and transparent that I forgot I was reading about a celebrity. When she said in the first chapter that she wished she could call her book “A tweet, but longer.” I was sold. I downloaded the full book and started listening immediately finishing in just a few days. You can read my full review of Scrappy Little Nobody on my Review page. It’s an awesome book for all anyone.

My experience with this memoir has taught me a big lesson and I am kind of ashamed to admit it.I LIKE NON-FICTION I JUST DIDN’T REALIZE WHAT IT COULD BE TO ME
           This is shamefully because that is what I do. I Google everything about everyone; me and Wikipedia are virtual close friends, and I love learning about with world and people around me. I enjoy nosing around facts on topics from “last TV show to air on UPN” to “Aesop- real or fake storyteller” (FYI- that topic has a very interesting history, look it up). So, why have I never been moved to read a story about another person? True I still think that books like “How to Live a Better Life” would be of NO interest to me, but I am not considering reading Soledad Obrien’s book “The Next Big Story: My Journey Though the Land of Possibilities” and “Self-Inflicted Wounds: Heartwarming Tales of Epic Humiliation” by Aisha Tyler, which I have recommended and purchased for others, but never took the time to read myself. Crazy! Thanks to Anna Kendrick and her witty and revealing story telling about acceptance of one’s self, and perseverance I am excited to see what I can learn from the eyes and pens of other interesting people in the world. Non-Fiction has a Niche’ for me, and now I am right there in it.

Music Moves Me

musical-banner-final-2Today I went to get some new music and after hard deliberations, I chose #MYNAMEISJOETHOMAS by the ever faithful Joe Thomas and Seat at the Table by the talented and highly unrated Solange Knowles. Please enjoy my thoughts and opinions on each album and then go out and make your own choice. Dig into the music, embrace the creativity, and bring forth a new and refreshing attitude.

Joe Thomas has been giving ladies passion and love through music for over ajoe-thomas-cd-cover decade. He sings deep and from his heart delivering that grown and sexy music. Joe’s newest album titled #MYNAMEISJOETHOMAS is a solid and much needed nod to RnB. From the beginning he encourages the leap into love with “Lean Into It”. My favorite songs, “Wear the Night” and “Lay You Down” are for adults only and remind me of the woman that I am after work, wife and kids. Joe also gives us a little something new as he always does with “Hollow” and “Love Centric”. They have a mild country rock feel that once you focus in; you realize it fits him well. This unfortunately that is not the case with one of the two hip hop songs on the album. “Happy Hour” featuring Gucci Man is overly done and loud; creating an immediate frown on my face. The deep flat key of the chorus helps a little, but Gucci Mane just does not fit on this album. On “I Swear” the lyrics are a little more palatable and the music arrangementis a lot better. Overall the selling factor of Joe’s new album is his ability to tell women what they want to hear all the time from their man. Joe Thomas is singing apologies and providing the make-up playlist. The theme of forgiveness in his lyrics is the strongest quality throughout all his music. On this album, “Tough Guy” and the hit “So I Can Have You Back” show that men do have soft places in their hearts. My vote for the next single goes to “Lay You Down”; just in time for cozy love season and Valentine’s Day. I will be grooving to this album for a while and even when I put it down, I know Joe will be right there to hug me back into his musical heart.

Break outsolange-cd-cover your star fruit and incense for Solange’s new album Seat at the Table. It is filled with strong lyrics and expressive declarations. The hit single “Cranes in the Sky” brings sweetness to an otherwise socially charged album. Songs like “Don’t Touch My Hair” and “F.U.B.U” remind you about self-love and changing our own circumstances. My favorite songs are “Don’t Wait” and “Weary” and hearing Tweet mixed in on the vocals throughout the album was a treat. The biggest miss are the extended interludes. While I can see this type of urban eclectic album deserves some spoken word, I think the interviews and journal like dialogues were a little too much. Overall I love what Solange has put together. She has returned strong and meaningful. I’ll be keeping Seat at the Table in my rotation for a while.

Music plays such a big part in history. It becomes extremely important in times of stress, hurt, or despair. Some of the biggest performers emerged or reached their height after a time of social or economically change. Music often can transcend problems and ill feelings and that is why I hold on to a tune in my mind and heart. Gospel, RnB, classical, or jazz; it all has the ability to assist in the revision of my mind and spirit.



I am excited to share with you some recent work and reveal some of my novel work.

SHAKESPEARE Magazine features uplifting content on life, fashion and inspiration. The owner Rebecca Strong of RJS Fashion provides people everywhere with a piece of herself through her unique jewelry and accessories collections. In addition to running a business, she spreads positive words and fashion tips in her publication. I am honored that she has allowed me to be a contributing author again this month. Please take a look at the fall 2016 free edition of SHAKESPEARE Magazine. Click here to download your own copy now.


I have had a lot of people ask how my writing is going, and I would like to thank them for their continued interest. Writing is going well and the Lord continues to bless me with new and refreshing ideas to write about. I have two additional projects in full swing and just like with my first, my goal is to share the story. Dreams of the Heart is my first novel. It is completed and ready for the right agent to come and help me by getting it into the hands of readers everywhere. This story holds a special place in my writing journey. The characters in the story are as familiar to me as my true friends are. I have cheered for Jamice’s breakthroughs and prayed for Sasha’s revelations. I know that it may sound a little crazy, but one of my favorite quotes says:

“Writes aren’t exactly people. They’re a lot of people trying to be one person.”

~F.Scott Fitzgerald author of The Great Gatsby

Today, I will be sharing a little of my heart with you. To read the first two chapters of Dreams of the Heart click here. Writing is a compulsion that does not go away. I will continue to write and share for as long as I can and as long as GOD allows.

National Novel Writing Month

National Novel Writing Month

Learning Myself Through My Writing Goals

By Tanela Hicks

                My history with National Novel Writing Month is a little give and take; love and hate. Just like getting use to a new car, or understanding a new computer system, it took a while, but we finally understand our role in each other’s life. NaNo (as it is affectionately called) is there to be a motivator and a tool to help drive my writing career and I am here to use it. Simple.

Just as an overview, NaNo to me is the celebration and awareness of the craft of writing. There is an entire culture that pushes you to meet your writing goals throughout the year. There are camps for young writers, weekly encouragement from published authors, and tons of advice. During the month of November specifically it is “Campaign Time”. To keep it simple, if you are participating in the organization sponsored activities, you can enter a contest to complete 50,000 words in 30 days. At the end of the month you can submit what you have written for critiques, publishing help, and more. This contest not only serves as incentive, but drives project productivity. It’s a wonderful opportunity and totally free…or not use.

My first year being a part of the NaNo community I was very excited. Being the over organized person I am, I made a word count spread sheet to compare against their suggested rate of process. Yes, there are formulas, and programming in this spreadsheet that automatically told me the messages like “Great Job” when I meet my daily goal or things like “Words Waiting” when I slacked off.


When I started in November 2013 with the NaNo, I actually had already completed the bulk of what “Dreams of the Heart” would come to be putting me well past the 50,000 benchmark the website set. So my big goal was to write every day. As you can see I did not succeeded at that, but overall I was thoroughly invigorated with the creativity process. I ended the month with approximately 18,000 thousand words and completed my first rough draft. Then came 2014 and I hit a huge drought. “Dreams of the Heart” draft one was complete and I was deep into rewrites. There were many complications, but my biggest headache was deciding on the level of adult content. The main character and I “fell out” multiple times the first half of the year over elements of the story that needed to be PG edited. As a true woman of faith and a new deacon’s wife it was very hard to determine what was right and what was wrong. I ultimately learned through experience and prayer to let the story direct your path no matter what. Once I settle on that school of thought, me and “Jamice”; main character of “Dreams of the Heart” become best buds again and my massive rewrite moved forward.

Writing novels, short stories, articles, or anything creative is not an easy task and those that can or even try to do it are special people. Reflecting back on my beginnings with NANO and “Dreams of the Heart” makes me smile and thank God for this talent that he has given me. I have learned so many lessons. I have applied advice received from that community and others to my two projects still in progress. Surrounding myself in a community of like-minded writers; all pushing towards similar goals, truly helped propel me to complete my first novel. If you are looking for a guide or catalyst this year for your writing try it. I will not guarantee you will hit the mark of 50,000 words, but you will learn something about your writing and a lot about yourself.

For more information on National Novel Writing Month Click Here

Happy Writing!

What’s ON! The Fall TV Review 2016

What’s ON! The Fall TV Review 2016

fall-tv-2016It’s that time again. Fall TV premiere season is one of the exciting times for most people. It is a spotlight smorgasbord of Television creativity. I enjoy seeing what Hollywood writers come up with and present to me the viewer. Loving a good story and even better a great cinematic performance, I watch almost all the new shows and provide a programming guide from those who are yet undecided about who to give their time to. My reviews and analysis are solely based on my opinion, and do not reflect anything but facts of the shows production and my thoughts on its success. If you do not agree, RELAX, it’s just TV!

Designated Survivor is a riveting, surprising and educational television experience. History teachers and government club leaders all over are cheering at the creativity use of law and government. The details on how this could actually happen are just interesting enough to catch the attention of a house wife, while still being detailed enough to pass the history fact checkers. I see multiple story lines emerging, including but not limited to assassination attempts and adultery. The most impressive element in this show is the casting. The casting director should get some special recognition here because she pulled together a very diverse cast. Kudos to Liz Dean. Malik Yoba brings the wise calm head that all thrillers need while Tanner Buchanan is perfect to portray the young tortured millennial who just wants to live his life. This is important because the major fail point on politico shows is a connection with that 17-26 age group. Natascha McElhone brings a hauntingly dejected character to the show that is not quite readable, but I believe with creative scripting, the writers can spin that at their will creating plot points or new catalyst for the show. And finally Maggie Q. Most would say that the final appraisal should go to Keifer Sutherland, but I disagree. Sutherland is already a deserving star. I expect nothing but great performances and his star power is obvious. Maggie Q is one of the most under rated pilot queens in the business. Her lack of readable emotion ironically captures the most emotion and intrigue in the first 2 episodes. I am looking forward to seeing how they use her character and how they keep her integrated in the story line. Overall I think this is a winner for ABC. The gap of a politico action drama was a need that ABC needed to feel and Keifer Sutherland answered the call.

Grade A-

MacGyver premiered in September 1985 with a semi-young rugged action hero Angus MacGyver. The show had fast pace and centered around MacGyver’s (Richard Dean) ability to get out of tight spots with a paper clip, bottle of jelly, and a Swiss army knife. It was awesome, intriguing and an overall thrill to watch. The show that premiered this fall on CBS with the same title, is not the reboot that Henry Winkler promised. The new ‘MacGyver’; Lucas Till is an obvious attempt to draw in the youth of today, but it alienates the fans of the original hit show and the viewers that are bound to be home during the Friday night airing. The casting is just barely above a totally miss and the scripting is too backwards funny and does not fit the procedural action style the show intends to convey. During the dialogue about the mission we are getting flirty jokes and half-baked emotional flashbacks. The one positive that I can pull is the 4th wall communication about some of the stunts MacGyver pulls off. While some moms can see that as being dangerous to describe how to break through a metal plated door, I found that to be a pleasant reprieve from the team monologues and quirky banter. If it sounds like I am being hard it is not a mistake. The reboot of ‘MacGyver’ series was by far my most anticipated series this fall. I was a huge fan of the original and while I have been thoroughly surprised by some other CBS shows the year, this is a big miss. My only wish now is that some of the top writers and producers like Scott Gemmill and Lee David Zlotoff get off the train before it blows. This is a bomb that not even Richard Dean can disarm.

Grade D

Pitch is a meaningful milestone in TV history, but not for the reasons people think. It is an overdue acknowledgement of the struggle woman face to be considered equal. While the show highlights this point over and over, it is not the success in the show. I had to refer to my notes to remind myself what I thought while watch the CBS premiere. Kylie Bunbury is unpolished and unfortunately not extremely impactful as Ginny Baker, but she is very believable as the girl who just wants to play baseball. I have seen a lot of positive inexperience from Bunbury. The creators and writers have driven home the point of how hard it is to be a woman working in a male dominated field. I fear focusing in on the same point episode after episode will lose some of the viewers. Pitch can be a hit, if the writers expand a bit on the plot and center in on Ginny Baker. Give her some depth and other purposes the show may become more interesting. The pilot lacked a lot of dialogue from her and I wanted to hear more. And while the end of the pilot definitely delivered on emotional pull, I feel like I missed a few doses of intensity in the first inning. Give her a relationship, given her a dirty past, give her a secret baby and then show how she works through all that and still pitches a no hitter. That would be a world class game to watch on a Thursday. The one big positive is that the competition for viewers is not too tough so Pitch is playing a game against their selves right now. Overall I have a very mixed opinion for this show, but I am persuaded to lien in on the swing and say Pitch has potential.

Grade Solid C

Lethal Weapon was not on most TV viewer’s must watch list. To be honest it was not even on my long list of shows to review. Despite the lack of big promotion, the show is being received well by most who have tuned in. I am not a big Wayans fan, so I was not thrilled to watch, but after the huge disappointment that was MacGyver over on CBS I went to Hulu looking for some action to believe in. The development of Martian Riggs in this fresh and funny series is probably the best highlight thus far. Roger Murtaugh, played by Damon Wayans, comes across as unintentionally funny in an old fussy grandfather way. And this is not a jab at the very apparent age gap between Murtaugh and Riggs as the writers in episode 2 focus in on this point several times. It is just to say, that when Wayans is trying to be serious and be a hero at the same time, it comes across as relatable to the pre AARP viewers and pretty funny. I loved the explosive opening of the pilot, which proved to me I would not be bored to death with premise setup and I like that there is balance between intense emotional scenes and fast pace crime solving. The procedural nature of the show and the almost perfect dynamics of Wayans and Clayne Crawford will give Lethal Weapon permanent and solid primetime success for FOX.

Grade B-

The Good Place is not so good. It is an unfortunate over commitment to an idea that we want to laugh at the afterlife. There is also a bit of idea overload. In the pilot at first you think the premise is Kristen Bell growing some moral compass to help her earn her spot in the Good Place, but half way through it changes. The focuses shift to Ted Danson’s character and his preoccupation with system flaws and his short comings. This shift happens to quickly and doesn’t give the viewer a chance to adjust or accept the entire concept of the show. Add in the bad joke timing and you have a comedy show failure to connect. Michael Schur is not a comedy dud himself. He has been a part of some comedy TV show greats like Parks and Recreation and the unmatched The Office; but The Good Place puts him and Kristen Bell in a bad seat. While admittedly not a Ted Danson fan, I recognize the star power and expected him to prop up the dialogue a lot better than he does in the pilot episode. The show feels like a bunch of joke set ups without the punch lines. Kristen Bell’s performance as a woman in need of some serious moral training is cute, but barely chuckle funny. The life mate Chidi (William Jackson Harper) is adorable, but also not funny. Everyone else in the pilot episode just seemed oddly place, as if to say ‘there are other people in this heaven and we do have other points of view to give you’. I will wait on that! If none of this opinion if shared, I truly understand, however there is one more final bad mark for the Good Place. It premiered on a Monday night, which may have given it hope and a life line to hold on to during contract renewals. But the shows regularly air night is Thursdays, going up against (but not limited to) Grey’s, Rosewood, and CBS Football. See you on the cancellation list Good Place….sorry Kristen.

Grade D-

Bull is not fresh, but it is a well-crafted brain teaser. Dr Jason Bull played by Michael Weatherly is not extraordinary, but he is compelling as a non-attorney saving others’ lives with a little legal manipulation. The premise of the show is different, but the format has tones of the Mentalist and Franklin & Bash. The weekly plot is in dire need of overarching conflict and a solid enemy. The supporting character’s identity is muddled and lost making them unfortunately unremarkable. This is mostly because they do not seem have defined roles within the Bull team. The show does not resonate with the average male viewer, there is no eye candy for the typical housewife, and the young victims in Dr. Jason Bull’s care are an obvious draw to the millennials viewers. Overall I think it could be successful on a USA or A&E, but NBC may not be so eager to renew BULL once next if it decides to put all their push behind some of their projected top runners like Training Day and Pure Genius. Overall the setup is basic, the writing lacks depth, and the performances are getting lost somewhere in the middle.

Grade C-

Timeless is the pop culture hit in a long list of over saturation of a single theme. It cannot go unnoticed that there are several TV shows premiering this fall/winter season with time travel as a center focus. Forgetting for a moment that time travel depictions are extremely hard to pull off, the network Timeless is being anchor by (NBC) is slowly moving to more comedy programming so Timeless will have a long haul if they want to be TV success history. The show’s creator Eric Kriple who gave us the long running TV show gem Supernatural definitely has proven he can deliver interesting stories and develop characters into staples. I think Timeless will be a slow and steady gainer, especially in the younger demographic. The only pit holes I have identified in the first two episodes is the main character Lucy played by Abigail Spencer. The show depends a lot on her ability to sound wise and knowledgeable on all things in American history. Her character thus far has been painted in a very young, innocent, and light-hearted; and that does not translate directly to smart and wise. It may be hard for the 50+ viewer to find her character as a reliable source on history. Malcom Burnett as Rufus is perfect for the role Kripere created. He naturally looks skeptical of everything and his brain power out plays his physical presence. These are all things that I love to see in my IT professional. He is smart and funny and I love him on the show. Overall Timeless is a win for me and it will be on my must see list every week.

Grade A

Atlanta is an amazingly funny raw look at the life in a day of the young and struggling African American. It is comical, dark, and not appropriate for family television session, but for adults who laugh in spite of their life circumstances it is the perfect therapeutic hour. This show is the African American version of Seinfeld. It doesn’t really have the solid good guy bad guy/dynamic and the humor seems almost by accident, but somehow it works. I have watched 2 full episodes out of sequence and been thoroughly entertained each time. Vanessa played by Zazle Beetz is successful in life enough to make you believe that we (African Americans) are not all failure, but she is still plagued with the everyday grid of “having it all’; so most viewers in this demographic can related. I think the winning component of this show is the raw truths they display about life. Yes, while the scenarios played out on Atlanta are not experience by ALL BLACKS or even half, it is an experience of many who are just above the line in everything in life. Donald Glover does in outstanding job of portraying the yet to be successful father and he gets double acclaim with this show as creator. He is doing something that the movie 8 Mile already did, but bringing it from a weekly urban viewpoint. I am looking forward to its run and think it will be the dark underdog champion of cable TV this year.

Grade B

Frequency is the CW new hit show. It is another one in line with the new trend of taking a movie that is just out of relevance range and turning it into a TV show. We saw it with Minority Report and Limitless and now CW is on the radio line. The show’s opener was not much different than the movie. For those of you who have not seen the 2000 Sci-fi thriller no worries, the pilot has given you what you need to move forward. The gender reverse (another TV trend) is going to be the pin that makes this show sink or swim. Ramiy Sullivan, played by newcomer Peyton List brings good passion to the screen, but it is Riley Smith performance as young/old dad that truly impresses me. He is gritty and apologetic and very much reminds me of Dennis Quaid in the original film. While personally I am a huge fan of the movie and its premise, I feel like it can only entertain the Comic Con audience. There is not enough of the law or crime investigation element to draw in the CSI or Law and Order fans, and just barely enough science fiction to intrigue viewers like me. The shows other big miss is the scheduling, it works perfectly for CW’s calendar, but has major competition amongst the other networks.

Grade C+

Although I did not write complete reviews I did also watch several series that returned for new seasons. Scandal, Code Black and Blackish all earned their return time slots. Veteran show Criminal Minds struggled with viewership. Not because the show’s substance, but because of poor casting and production choices. A special call out to Rosewood; I am not a fan of the show at all, but I am happy Morris Chestnut is out there making his mark on television. Disclosure, I watched 2 episodes of every show with the expectation of The Good Place (I just couldn’t’) and I took most my notes and thoughts down live to ensure that my opinion developed honestly and organically during the TV experience. I am looking forward to some Mid Season Premieres to fill my entertainment gap. Hopefully ABC Family’s Shadow Hunters can scratch my monster itch and help mend the womb’s Sleepy Hollow left behind. And I am equally hopefully that the new Kevin Williamson’s creation Time After Time will remove my yearning to jump back in time to save ABCs Forever.